Posted 7 months ago

again! again! again! they will come to Belarus again!!! jdhjbjkhjbejkj unbelievable!!!

Posted 10 months ago

Happy Birthday, Champion! Perfect El Guaje!

Posted 1 year ago

I can’t speak, think, breathe… OMG!
Gracias, Raul!

Posted 1 year ago

f*ck you, Barca! See what you lost!!!

Vamos David! Perfect game!!!

Posted 1 year ago

it was gjfmbalshghjbjsj *________* I know it’s just a Taiti but it was so beautiful game of Spain!

Thank you Del Bosque for Torres and Villa together again! Thank you team!

10-0! Wow!

Torres 4…

Villa 3…

Silva 2…

Mata 1…


Vamos Espana! Vamos La Furia Roja! Vamos El Guaje! Vamos Nino!

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nbkldfflgnkfk;lnmnlrdhgbffbhb *screaming*

Posted 1 year ago

dkkghnbfsasgfbjfkdbgjk I have no words *__________* so cuuuuute!!!

Posted 1 year ago

I can’t upload the gif of this Fabrilla moment here (cuz it’s more than 1 MB), but I can give you a link ;D

So… this is it -

It’s so funny and I can’t stop laughing! =)

If you find video of this moment, please, share it!!!

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Words cannot describe my feelings after watching this.

Iker Casillas, you are perfect.

one and only!!!